A series of personal works ready for a new home...


When In Rome...

Original hand-colored 18th Century Italian engraving of Roman ruins, obelisks, etc.  The coloring is mainly in green tones.  Framed in a walnut burl frame, floating on a white linen backing with linen top mat, plexiglass. 

26 3/4" x 17 1/4"

Fountain of Youth

Original hand-colored 19th Century French engraving depicting a fanciful fountain image on top and a hunting tableaux as a bottom image.  This is a very charming, somewhat bizarre (in a good way!) print which is framed with an off white Thai silk mat trimmed in pale blue, a "string of pearls" style mottled brown painted hardwood frame with matched corners, and plexiglass. 

15.5" x 18"

Roman Holiday

Original vintage (1930's) hotel luggage label from the Albergo Roma in Bologna, Italy.  The Italian-designed labels are some of the most sought-after due to their superior graphic design and coloring.  This  label is framed in a black moire mat with self-mitred corners, a latticework antique silver custom frame, and plexiglass. 

10 3/4" x 12 1/2"

NOTE: We have an vast collection of vintage labels from around the world...perfect for a collection of hotels one has visited, wishful thinking, or appreciation of beautiful design.

Petit Déjeuner

Vintage French flash cards depicting food items (butter/eggs/bread/cake) which are each labeled in French and are framed with an espresso stained grooved detail frame, white rag mats and plexiglass. 

9" x 11"

Target Practice

Have a love-hate relationship with these little guys? Well, so do we….we feed them, name them and sometimes even get them to eat out of our hands…and then they destroy our gardens and “sort of” eat all the tomatoes and peaches (they take one bite, don’t like it, spit it out, take one bite out of the next piece, and etc.) And thus we love this copy of a wonderful vintage Squirrel Target which was available from Sears back in the day. Framed very simply in a black frame with plexiglass.

10 1/2″ × 7 1/2"

Achtung, Baby

Original 1950's, Paint-By-Number, regal portrait of a German Shepherd.  Framed in an unusual carved frame painted with a dark brown/green milk paint.

14" x 18" 

NOTE: We have a large collection of these vintage PBN dog portraits of varying sizes, all framed differently but to work together as a group, and many breeds (collies, setters, spaniels, poodles, beagles, etc.)